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Over 30 years of expertise born from a profound passion. An inspiration rooted in the best creative tradition of Milan: this is Sartoria Angela Alta Moda. A Guardian of artisan skills rare to be found nowadays, whose signature is an accurate haute couture touch that “carves” unique dresses as small artworks.

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Who is Sartoria Angela



An harmonious team with over 30 years of expertise. That’s one of the secrets that allows us to offer our clients a tailored assistance and a great care in any sartorial solution, rigorously handmade. Enhancing every body through elegant and wearable choices.

Each dressmaker is able to accomplish any kind of sartorial work, showing sensitivity and great artisan talent. As a family we work in synergy and harmony between who is working and who is being dressed. This makes each dress loved, both by who tailors it, taking care of every phase, and who will wear it.


Every piece made by Sartoria Angela is unique and the essence for an outstanding result are its quality and attention to fabrics; that’s why we only use the best high quality fabrics, chosen from the most important names in the textile manufacture.

We perceive every fabric as a canvas where to design tailored masterpiece. The impossible does not exist for our professionals: silk, cashmere or fur.; the result is always perfect and innovative.


Our tailored formal and party dresses, with their customized cuts, give values to each client’s personality and body.

Our care to details is a Must. Each collection of Sartoria Angela knows how to enhance femininity and embrace any wish, need and beauty.

Our creations are timeless: through a “Made in Italy” sartorial wisdom and a care for details, we transform every dress in an always different artwork.
Our clients are international: since many years Sartoria Angela dresses with attention clients in London, Paris and other countries as Qatar. From the very first introductory meeting to the styling, designing and fixing: there is no step that will not be followed by Sartoria Angela. Everywhere.

The Atelier knows also how to bring back to life clothes or furs that need changes to be adapted to the womanliness evolution: any piece rejuvenates when it ends in expert seamstress hands.On every woman Sartoria Angela cuts tailored dresses enhancing her feminine identity; because Haute Couture is a lifestyle.

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Viale Luigi Majno, 19 – 20122 Milano ‎ MI
Tel. – Fax +39.02.76008059

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